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RC Spring Fever

I used Fever as my primary stallion for over three years when I first started my breeding program.  I loved the powerful hip and hocks that he brought to the foals.  Since Flyhawk is not a rare bloodline, I used what was necessary to produce a band of nice broodmares and then I gelded him.  I wish to use those daughters to cross on my other stallion; Westrek Kiowa.  I also retained his son as a herd stallion;  H Bar M Captain Jack Sparrow.   Although it was tempting to keep Fever as a stallion; I realized that he would have a better life if he were gelded and integrated into the herd.  So a few months ago, I gelded him. 

I hve ridden him and offer him up for sale.  He is an awesome horse;  bold, hard working, and affectionate.  He could excel in any discipline.




These photos were taken in 2009 while Fever was just 4 years old.  He was willing to stand (even though he was with his band of mares), and be handled by my husband whom he barely knows.  That is why he looks a bit uncertain about what is happening.  He is a wonderful and powerful horse.  (As a point of reference, my husband is 6'2" and over 200 pounds.  (Don't ask me about my weight though, LOL)