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Welcome to Morgans of H Bar M



My mission is to promote and breed "Old Style" Morgans with wonderful dispositions, a strong work ethic and the conformation to do any job well. My entire program is based on what many old time breeders considered the "Golden Cross" of Flyhawk and Jubilee King Bloodlines.  I have also woven in the bloodlines of Ashbrook and Knox Morgan for bone and style. 

I am inspired by my love for the get of Chingadero who was a stallion that I met when I was in my twenties.  Besides great conformation and natural talent, Chingadero enforced the qualities of intelligence and kindness. you will find his influence woven throughout many of the pedigrees of my Morgans.

Morgans on the Hill There are many places to buy a horse, and yet there are important things to consider.


I give the most importance to this quality because a Morgan with heart and kindness gives us the most pleasure.  Any discipline or job that we have in mind, is made more special when we have a willing partner.  I find these qualities with the bloodlines of Chingadero.  Isn't it interesting that trainability becomes the most important quality in the highest levels of competition?  However, even as a pasture pet, we want that same heart and kindness.


There are certain qualities and characteristics that determine whether a Morgan is an old style Morgan.  There should be adequate bone and hocks with oblique shoulder and hip.  With correct conformation, there is natural collection that makes it possible for the horse to excel in any discipline.  I would rather breed for collection rather than having the need to train for it.

All of our foals are raised in open pastures, timber and hills.  This promotes the important basics that a foal needs to grow up into a well adjusted and developed adult. Their romping and running builds strong bone, large heart, sturdy growth and muscle development.  Did you know that adult foot and pastern health are based on movements upon uneven ground while young?  Also, confidence is built as they experience the rustling trees, creeks, critters and other wonders that nature offers to them. We are blessed with a creek that runs through their pasture and they learn to traverse in summer when it floods and in winter when there is ice.  They also experience herd socialization which teaches them the important aspects of respect and discipline which is carried over to their relationships with humans.  We also trim and worm our young stock from an early age. 

Please click here to see a 50 second video taken from my front door to show a typical February day. 


There are many ways to shop for that special horse but I suggest that one consider all of the above plus be familiar with the ancestors within the pedigree.  I study pedigrees to provide consistency to my program in order to produce quality get with wonderful dispositions and conformation. 

Thank you for visiting and feel free to visit or contact me.  If you are shopping for that special partner, I am willing to be honest and forthwright in order to help you team up with the correct horse. I appreciate the phrase;  "Ride the right horse." 

Debra Hall (Moser)