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Morgans in the River Here on the farm in Iowa,I have put together a breeding program based on the Morgans raised and used during the early 1900's in Wyoming. My goal is to preserve this particular lineage of Western Working Morgans.

In 1974, I moved from Pennsylvania to Wyoming for it was the seventies, ;-). I had always wanted a horse as a little girl so I bought my first horse, a Morgan gelding from Ab Cross of Dubois, WY.   Little did I know how that day and my passing by a stallion named Chingadero would influence me later. But, that is another story.

Please click here for some more information on the Morgan named Chingadero.

Many years later, I have put together a breeding program based on that breeding program of the Wyoming ranch owned by George and Ab Cross. This would be the mix of bloodlines from Warhawk crossed to Jubilee King which many consider to be the "golden cross." The mares and stallions have ancestors that are interwoven to try to reproduce similar horses to Bar Non Ken. These bloodlines bring forth horses that are a pleasure to own, a wonderful disposition and the conformation to do any job well.

I looked long and hard for just the right Foundation stallions for my breeding program.

Many of the young stock are by the stallion, RC Spring Fever.  He is a gelding now but was a homozygous black stallion with strong Flyhawk on every line of his pedigree. In fact, Flyhawk is on his fourth generation.

Westrek Kiowa was a rare find of very old bloodlines going back to Justin Morgan in thirteen generations on every line of pedigree. Kiowa displays the rich baroque qualities of the original Morgan horses.

OGO Cavenglo King Jubilee brought the old bloodlines of Jubilee King and gave us wonderful foals.  He has moved onto a new home.

I bred for a high concentration of Chingadero and am pleased to have H Bar M Captain Jack Sparrow as my current stallion.   He is from rich old bloodlines of older Cross breeding.  His disposition is stellar and his movement is exquisite.  He is a son of RC SpringFever.

 Please click here to go to the Stallion page and read more.

I believe that the mares are extremely important to any breeding program.  I have spent hours tracing bloodlines and then searching ownership of some mares.  I have retrieved them from Washington, Wyoming, Tenessee, Conneticut, Iowa, Georgia and so on.  Please click here to learn more about our band of mares.

Occasionally I have Morgans of different ages and different levels of training. See Horses for Sale to learn more about Morgans that are ready to move to your home.  Also check Young Stock to see younger Morgans that you can buy and raise yourself.

Please explore this website and get to know more about the farm, Morgans, and the history that has been used to breed for the best type of Morgan that we can all love.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would just like to chat.