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Previous Work

On this page you will find a sampling of my work prior to 2009, along with my artist statement from those years. Please enjoy.

Artist statement prior to 2009:

Debra M Hall
For fused glass artist, Debra Hall, the natural beauty of the high plains is magic. "I draw my inspiration from the dramatic landscapes of Wyoming." says Debra. A lifelong artist with an extensive background in composition and design, Debra's first specialty was watercolor painting. Several years ago, her desire to combine the simplicity of everyday function with the elements of fine art led her to explore the medium of fused glass.

Unlike blown or poured glass, the undulating shapes of fused glass are created in a kiln. Sheets of glass are meticulously layered and fired to the melting point. After cooling, the new piece of glass is sometimes placed in a mold and refired until it slumps around the mold, taking on it's final shape.

HallWork's glass is completely made by Debra in her Casper, WY studio. The idiosyncratic nature of glass itself, the variables inherent in the firing process and Debra's constant exploration of new concepts combine to make every piece of HallWork's glass absolutely unique.

Materials & Techniques for Wall Sculptures
I make my pieces of art by cutting and layering pieces of colored glass on kiln shelves. After heating and fusing, I assemble the piece of art glass onto a mounting system that I developed and made of polycarbonate and acrylic. This enables me to make large pieces of glass wall sculpture that are easily transported and hung on a wall surface. Even though a large art piece may be heavy and made of several smaller pieces of designed glass, the overall effect is a unified large work of art that happens to be made of glass.

Early Work & Art Fair Shows
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Miscellaneous Work
Miscellaneous Work Miscellaneous Work Miscellaneous Work


Home Installations
Home Installation Home Installations
Home Installation

Corporate Installations

Rider Bennett
Law Firm
Minneapolis, MN

Corporate Installation

Sheraton Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

Sheraton Hotel
Minneapolis, MN
Corporate Installation

Exempla Hospital
outside of Denver, CO